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Advocacy &Procurement Supply Management Bill Brieger | 06 Jul 2007 05:41 am

Supply Chain Management on TV5

One of our newest African malaria advocates, the Voices Mali Coordinator, Djiba Kane Diallo, appeared in a press conference on French TV channel TV5.  Djiba was in Paris at a press conference about the lack of progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals for health.  The conference was organized by Médecins du Monde and the story was broadcast globally on TV5.  She was interviewed and spoke specifically about logistical problems in managing malaria commodities in Africa.  Supply chain management is one of the systems that need to be strengthened to improve malaria control across Africa.

Watch the clip (in French!) at

Les pays européens doivent investir d´urgence dans les services de santé des pays pauvres 

(aired on 5 July 2007)

For non-Francophones, here is the translation of the newsclip:

In a meeting in Paris on July 5, 2007, European NGOs demand that European governments invest more in health services in developing countries in order to meet MDG goals.

It’s the first evaluation of the Millenium Development Goals. At the midway point, a report edited by 15 NGOs gives a poor grade to Europe, and to France in particular. Current financing for goals like reducing child mortality means that they will be met only in 2220. Twenty million Euros were promised for health, but only half of what was promised has been spent.

[Patrick Bertrand, NGO network leader] “Data from 2004-2005 shows that France gives 4% of its foreign aid for the health sector. The average among OECD countries is 11%.” 

On the ground, they are impatient for the missing funds. For the NGO Voix du Mali, which works to control malaria, it’s an emergency. Medicines are there, but there are few funds to distribute them.

[Djiba Kane Diallo, Voix du Mali] “If there is more financing, that enables countries to not only to distribute the medicines out to the community level, but also to stock them in appropriate conditions.”

In the report they highlight not only the need for more money, but also the need to change practices and policies in the health sector. Promote research, train health personnel, and put more responsibility on African governments.

[Michele Brugiere, Medicins du Monde] “African governments need to commit more of their budgets to health - they should be comitting 15-20%. Right now it’s two, three, four percent.”

MDG health goals can still be reached, but donors’ political will must now change into economic reality.


Chèr(e)s collègues,

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer le passage dans le journal Afrique de TV5monde du mercredi 4 juillet 2007 à 21h GMT, de la coordinatrice de notre projet “Les VOIX du Mali” au cours de la conférence de presse tenue à Paris en France sur l’investissement des pays riches dans la santé des pays pauvres. Mme Djiba Kane Diallo a assisté à cette conférence de presse et est intervenue sur l’urgence à mettre en place une logistique adéquate et adaptée pour transpoter ou stocker les médicaments au Mali.

Vous pourrez trouver cet élément dans le site web de TV5monde : . Vous cliquez sur le lien Journal Afrique que vous pourrez regarder en intégralité (10 minutes) ou sur l’élément en question en cliquant sur le lien “les pays européens doivent investir dans les services de santé des pauvres” dans la rubrique Journal Afrique.

Bonne journée à tous et à toutes.

Oumar Kouressy

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