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ITNs &Universal Coverage Bill Brieger | 06 Sep 2010 05:58 pm

Update on Nigerian Net Distribution

Guest blog from Omede Ogu, National Malaria Control Program, Abuja

Nigeria’s LLIN Universal Campaign started in May 2009, and at the moment 15 states have been covered with approximately 24 million LLINs distributed so far. There are 39 million LLINs more to go.

campaign-in-kano-and-launch-event2-malaria-consortium.JPGThe target is 100% coverage of all the households in the 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory, targeting 80% utilization. Effort to cover the remaining states is on.

The most challenging aspect for the remainig states is resource mobilization for the operational cost to the tune of over 3 billion Naira (~$20,000,000). Opportunities for support exist however through the States, the Local Government Authorities, The MGD Office and engagement of the private sector, along with resources from other RBM Partners.*

We are expectant and confident that come December 2010 all the households will be covered. This is not only doable but a must. We call for further support for this noble cause using the network of people who read this blog.

Thank you.

*e.g. Unicef, WHO, DfID, USAID, Global Fund, World Bank Booster

ps – support is also needed to ensure that people hang up and sleep under their nets.

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