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Community Bill Brieger | 18 Dec 2010 01:48 am

Community Malaria Program Set for Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

Arsenio Manhice from Mozambique reports on a program that will be launched shortly in the northern part of the country …

moz_mean-sm.jpgMore than 100,000 people are covered by the Program of Communities against Malaria (PCM) to be launched in Pemba-Metuge in Cabo Delgado Province, northern Mozambique, on Monday, December 20.

The act will be directed by the provincial governor, Elisha Machava and will be attended by the Interim Director of USAID as well as representatives of Mozambique and the Aga Khan Foundation of Advancement Organization supporting the initiative.

Among the population of the nine communities of the province, estimated at about 396 000 people, about 87 000 and 500 children under five and pregnant women and 21 000 and 700 people living with HIV and AIDS will benefit from the program in allusion.

The PCM is a partnership between the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) with Mozambique Aga Khan Foundation (AKF Mozambique), the Progress Organization and the Ministry of Health (MOH). This program will run for three years and will be implemented in nine districts of Cabo Delgado Province.

The districts were selected based on their health indicators, malaria, poverty, lack of community interventions and firm long term commitment, the AKF and Progress, to develop these areas.

The purpose of PCM is to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by malaria in Mozambique, particularly among pregnant women, children under five and other vulnerable groups of population in the districts of Quissanga, Meluco, Ibo, Pemba Metuge, Macomia, Mueda, Nangade, and Muidumbe Ancuabe.

The program was designed in collaboration with all key stakeholders and specifically aims “to broaden the scope and coverage of existing interventions, while making the local capacity for sustained control of malaria” in Mozambique

The total program cost is $ 1,625,997 (one million, six hundred twenty-five thousand, nine hundred ninety-seven U.S. dollars), of which USAID provided $ 1,482,502 (one million four hundred and eighty-two thousand, five hundred and two U.S. dollars), and will be co-financed by U.S. $ 143,495 (one hundred forty-three thousand, four hundred ninety-five U.S. dollars) of nongovernmental funds.

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