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Agriculture &Integrated Vector Management Bill Brieger | 01 Apr 2008 12:56 am

Insecticide Treated Cows

Some malaria carrying mosquitoes are also attracted to cattle that may be sleeping outside the door of a dwelling. Studies have even shown that “cattle treated with pyrethroid in the control of malaria and reduction of vector density.” While we have seen malaria advocates calling for every house to have insecticide treated nets, we have yet to hear from the proponents of an ITCs (insecticide treated cows) for every home.

fulani-child1a.jpgActually there are a number of ways to fool a mosquito – not just on April 1st – and as the research mentioned above points out, the field of integrated vector management is wide.  There may be a number of issues to explore that are appropriate – culturally and technologically – for communities to control their mosquito populations. These need to be explored and promoted for long term sustainability of malaria control efforts.

In the meantime there are donor organizations that provide families in developing countries with cows and other livestock, just maybe not insecticide treated ones.  Maybe this is an opportunity for better integration of agriculture and malaria control.

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